The oxycodone pills that led to Kodak Black’s arrest, according to his attorney, were prescribed

The Oxycodone tablets Kodak Black had with him when he was recently arrested, according to his lawyer Bradford Cohen, were prescribed. Kodak has “battled chronic pain,” according to Cohen, ever since he was shot in Los Angeles over the course of Super Bowl LVI weekend. Cohen claims that in order to treat the injuries, the painkillers are “necessary”.

Kodak claimed, according to Cohen, that a Kentucky federal prison officer attacked him before his release in January 2021. He allegedly uses the medications to treat the “ongoing attack pain.” In an effort to settle the case swiftly, Cohen claimed to have convinced the prosecution that the Oxycodone tablets were legitimately prescribed.

The inhabitant of Pompano Beach was detained on Friday (July 15) when he was operating a Dodge Durango through Fort Lauderdale, which authorities said had too much tint. When Kodak was subsequently stopped, police stated that his car smelled like marijuana.

After searching, they discovered 31 Oxycodone tablets and $74,960 in cash. He had expired license and tags, according to the police. After that, Kodak was lodged at the Broward County Jail. Late on Friday night, Fox reporter Andy Slater tweeted that Kodak was also charged with trafficking.

“Kodak Black was arrested on Friday in South Florida,” he wrote. “Cops pulled over the rapper and during a search found 30+ Oxycodone pills and over $50,000 in cash, multiple sources tell me.” He added, “Kodak Black is being charged with trafficking, multiple sources tell me.”

Cohen asked for the narcotics to be analyzed by a third party shortly after Kodak Black was taken into custody in order to guarantee a fair trial.

“It is impossible … to explore a defense on behalf of [Kodak] without being able to inspect, weigh, and independently test the substances,” Cohen said in a statement. “[It’s] essential to ensure his right to a fair hearing, his right to confrontation, his right to prepare a defense on his own behalf, his right to effective assistance to counsel, and due process of law pursuant to the protections afforded to him by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and the Florida Constitution.”

Following his most recent run-in with the cops, Kodak Black has been cracking jokes. Kodak said in a since-deleted tweet that the cop who handcuffed him just intended to grope him. He noted:  “Hey I’m Officer Pinky Dick The One On The News For Arresting The Rapper Kid With The Big Dick And Alotta Cash. Yea My Daughter Talks About It So Much I Had To Pull Em Over So I Can Feel It Myself .. No Lie Bro Felt Like He Had A Shotgun In His Front Pocket.’”


The oxycodone pills that led to Kodak Black’s arrest, according to his attorney, were prescribed

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