Jamaal Marvel releases timely new dance track 
‘Give It To Me’ 

SUWON, SOUTH KOREA – The only thing better than a dream is living it And though the transition from the world of dreams to reality may be difficult, those meant to dream will continue to dream, and those meant to live it … will.  

Jamaal Marvel is no longer dreaming. This rising star who hails from Virginia has a creative mind that finds its way into telling stories across multiple mediums – from novels to art to music. His music in particular has been drawing some attention of late, and his newest release “Give It To Me” is sure to put him on the map globally.  

The up-tempo dance track is the perfect song for today’s troubled world. With lyrics that inspire listeners to find healthy outlets for their stress, “Give It To Me” is the kind of groove that’s not only fun to listen to but also motivational. 

“People are going through so much on a daily basis,” Jamaal said. “There’s just wave after wave of stress – from relationships or jobs or children or debt or whatever. We’re all trying to overcome and survive. This is a song that shows the importance of stress release in order to get through and stay above water and control life. It gives people some examples of ways to do this in a fun way that many people can relate to. Basically, it’s about a person who is going through turmoil but is persevering despite what they’re experiencing, and at the end of the day, they can go out and grab a drink and go dancing and have fun. So it’s upbeat, it’s fun, and it’s uplifting in a way that promotes that kind of stress release.” 

Drawing inspiration from every decade of music – specifically the Funk of the 80s and the Heart-and-Vibe of the 90s – Jamaal continuously pushes his creativity to levels greater than before. This rapper/singer/songwriter/producer blends the best of all that is loved in Hip Hop, R&B, Funk and Pop into a sound that defines the word unique.  

“I’m a singer first, but I also rap,” he said. “When I make a song, a lot of times I think of whom I’d like to collaborate with and I try to make that kind of sound. So I think about J.Cole and Mariah Carey and Doja Cat making a track together – what would that sound like? I think it would sound great, so I try to make something like that.” 

While serving in the Air Force over the past decade, Jamaal has also been slowly developing his career as a musician. In 2012 while stationed at Luke Air Force Base, he began touring with a small group and performing at local venues. He released his first album, “Love & Imperfections” in 2013, and in 2015, he co-founded the fusion group Half Black, becoming its lead vocalist. The group’s album, “Evolution” debuted in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, Jamaal began collaborating with EDM artist Cadmium, creating singles that today have reached more than two million views on YouTube. This year, he has already released two singles – “Sucker” and “Future Love” – both of which have gotten some heavy play on streaming platforms. 

This year Jamaal has been busy creating even more music as a solo artist while also putting together a larger body of work. With two albums down and a second solo album set to be released in fall 2020, Jamaal Marvel is living his dream.  

“We are what we do, not what we say we want to do,” he said.  

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Jamaal Marvel – Give It To Me

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