Earlier this month, Dallas rapper Yella Beezy was arrested on allegations of sexual assault and child endangerment. But don’t expect compassion from Alias Justdee, Beezy’s ex and mother of one of his children, who made it apparent on social media that she doesn’t care about his present situation.

Justdee posted a PSA to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (November 16), explaining why she won’t be supporting him through his legal issues.

“Don’t come to my page with that b.s because I’m not about to take up for a man that cheated on me with a big nasty sex worker!” she wrote. “They both knew exactly what they was doing! Y’all men gone learn what’s done in the dark will come into the light!

“I’m just always tired of always being attach to mess that don’t involve me I work, be a mother and go home! Repeat in that exact same order!”

An anonymous lady went to the hospital in April to report an alleged rape, according to TMZ. Yella Beezy, she said, messaged her on Instagram, asking if she was seeking for a new buddy. They ultimately met up for a dinner and bowling date, but she claims that’s when things got out of hand when she returned to his house.

Beezy allegedly requested her for a shirtless massage over a game of cards, and after she finished, he allegedly leapt on her and pulled up her dress. Despite her repeated refusals, she claims he put his penis inside her vagina. Justdee feels the narrative is made up, but she refuses to demonstrate her support for the father of her kid, based on her words.

“It saddens me to see how people lie to ruin people reputation but at the same time I’m not standing up for nobody who couldn’t be loyal to me!” she added. “This is definitely an eye opener and I hope it’s for many you men/women especially when you have something solid at home!”

On November 5, Yella Beezy was arrested in Collin County, Texas, and charged with felony sexual assault, felony abandoned endangered kid, and a misdemeanor for carrying a firearm, according to reports.



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