(Video) Antonio Breez – “Money Counter” @AntonioBreez

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When concentration and productivity meet it creates leverage for an artist like Antonio Breez. With his refuse to lose attitude and determination , the Boston based emcee continues to shower his fans with fresh content . After releasing over 30 music videos and two projects this year, its no surprise to AB fans that the second installment to ” The Migration Narrative” has already arrived months shy of its 1 year anniversary.

Much has changed since the release of ” TMN : 1″ . AB has gained commercial radio support on singles off of the project such as “No Way” , and ” From The Slums” , he has been booked consistently and has flaunted his Co-sign by Hip Hop Juggernaut Erick Sermon of EPMD.

What made Antonio’s first LP ” The Migration Narrative” a rarity amongst most of todays Hip Hop catalogue is the level of truth and vulnerability. The album was narrated by his mother, as she shared her experiences of struggle through Antonio’s infancy as a single mother after the incarceration of Antonio’s biological father. In the album Antonio also features singing from his 80 year old great grand mother on ” Last Time I prayed” , beat samples from music made by his ancestors , and a 16 bar verse from his step father who first introduced him to Hip Hop. TMN 2: The Rashid Taylor Story, picks up where TMN leaves off, and dives deep in to the story of Antonio’s step father growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, NY in the late 80’s.

The Migration Narrative 2 stand out Money counter is where AB teams up with his long time videographer Lenny Coote provides his fans with a trap-star themed visual in the streets of Los Angeles. With lines like ” Id watch it if I were you or ill buy the VIP and make your whole party move” Breez paints a picture of how it would be if he could flex on all of people who doubted him, produced by Canadian beat maker ” The Cook Up” and offers a commercial rap sound that all will enjoy.

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