Real Smokesta Motivates To Get “Out The Hood” (Single & Album)

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Temple, Texas-based vetted rapper Real Smokesta releases the lead single from his new album ‘Out The Hood.’

The single “Out The Hood” is produced by Enphorcer who provides soulful keys intensified by heavy bass and striking drums. Real Smokesta, using vivid wordplay and storytelling depicts life in the hood and what that looks and feels like, as well as the impact emotionally. This message is a must for Hip Hop right now, and one that Young Dolph would co-sign. The catchy hood to leave the hood behind without ever looking back resonates as does Real Smokesta’s raw deliverance.

“I fell in love with Hip Hop because somebody said something that was outside of the box. It was different from what everyone else was rapping about that changed my whole perspective in a positive way.” – Real Smokesta




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