Niño Brown drops stunning visual for new song “Judge Judy”.

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Niño Brown is poised and positioned to release a new album in the coming months but has been busy in the meantime building a tremendous buzz. On February 9th, Niño released the 4th single off of his upcoming effort, Redbone. The song is called, “Judge Judy” and it does not disappoint. Brasher Media, once again helms the video production which boasts world class visuals created with green screen technology. “when I write a song I usually get an immediate visual in my head but it tends to be unachievable when it comes time to film a project, Brasher Media was able to deliver on my vision 10 fold”, said Brown. The song is a powerhouse of production both sonically and lyrically, and satisfies both hip-hop and R&B fans alike. A professionally trained singer, Niño Brown really displays his vocal range and depth which is a trademark throughout his career and the subsequent drops have been no exception.
“Judge Judy” by Niño Brown out now on your preferred digital streaming platforms

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