New Jersey Rapper Robb Williamz Releases Visual For “Story” @RobbWilliamz

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Born in Newark, NJ and raised in East Orange, NJ. It was a rite of passage to be who he is growing up in an area heavily influenced by early Hip Hop and dance culture, attending a performing arts school through elementary and middle school, also being raised around Hip Hops heavy hitters such as Chino XL, Naughty by Nature and being exposed to different scenes in music such as the house music scene that Jersey is known for, music was always a part of who he is however, with little knowledge and opportunity it was never a serious thing until moving to Atlanta, Ga in the mid 2010’s when Hip Hop was changing and becoming bigger than ever. He met a group of individuals who were already doing a lot on the scene and introduced him to his first few studio sessions.

It’s been on ever since. Going by a different alias at the time, Robb proved himself to be a heavy hitter in the Atlanta underground scene sticking to his gritty, in-your-face Hip Hop roots in his own way, incorporating the southern twang and always finding new creative ways to up his flow not wanting to be put in a box. This earned him looks from major companies one being Swisher Sweets where he put on a memorable show sponsored by them. Features from Quentin Miller, Sy Ari Da Kid, the list goes on and on. All of this was accomplished at a young age. In the late 2010’s, Going through life hardships and having to overcome different obstacles most people go through such as major depression, homelessness, etc. He decided to take a short lived hiatus from music where he has found a new sense of purpose and motivation inspiring a rebrand where he would keep the name he was born with to introduce who he is as an individual and tell his story through the same raw, hard hitting flows he’s known for. Being a student of the game since a child, Robb Williamz sole purpose is to do what the greats in his eyes have always done, inspire, motivate, and add his own story not only to just Hip Hop, but to music in general.

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