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Nińo Brown has just released his latest in a series of rapid fire releases, his second ep in fact, along with a whopping 7 singles in just 9 months, as well as a total of 10 videos as of today. The track listing is as follows; 1. Golden Boy, 2. Pink Kadillak, 3. Little Sister. With features from Blesstheplaya, Byv_Trubb and Kxng Blanco. Nińo took a few minutes to answer a few questions about the Golden Boy ep.
Q. Why the title Golden Boy? 
A. There was a song that resonated with me and the exact phrase that was used was “are you finally the Golden Boy?”  which I then borrowed. It’s definitely directed at myself, as if asking myself if I am finally satisfied.
Q. The song begins with you throwing a bit of shade, care to explain?
A. Not really it’s definitely a “if you know you know” kind of situation. To be honest the song is just a big goof. Not serious at all and like all art subject to interpretation. I love folk music and that’s all there is to it. 
Q. Pink Kadillak is distinctly different from Golden Boy, what can you tell us about it?
A. Not much to say, it was a freestyle, I had just seen this truly incredible band and was really inspired and we just used the band’s name to sort of commemorate the experience. I’ll say any time Kxng Blanco and I get in a room we sort of bring out the best in each other, or should I say the worst. He and I are definitely finding a compatible style that works for us. 
Q. The video for Pink Kadillak packs a 1-2 punch and does not disappoint. Where was it filmed?
A. Once again, Brasher Media was at the helm and we opted to go back in front of the green screen for this one. We had a blast for sure! Brasher Media is far and away ahead of the curb.
Q. Little Sister is potentially my favorite of this ep. What’s the inspiration for this one.
A. Honestly just a recollection of an encounter I had once. Sort of an exercise in songwriting because it’s an old memory of sorts. I wrote it in a few minutes and recorded, mixed and mastered it in an hour. We shot a video which will be out next month!
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