Jpgetthemoney Sets the Tone for 2022 in New Song “The Get Back” @JpGetTheMoney

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JpGetTheMoney is a recording artist out of upstate NY that recently released his new track “The Get Back.” 2022 is going to be a life changing year for this artist and his new song is dedicated to it. He grants 2022 as the year he comes for everything he’s ever wanted while recovering from circumstances that made things too difficult. This is a song for anyone that’s on their grind, going against the odds, and making something out of nothing. The music video itself is already at 6K views and it’s just as motivational as the record. Getting back from failed relationships , getting back from not having a dollar, getting back from graduating school and having to come back to the hood, JpGetTheMoney is on get back time. JpGetTheMoney speaks nothing but the truth in his music. His upbringing was tough while he was constantly being held back by various tragedies. He lost a lot of people close to him and although he tried to keep pushing through, life still hit him hard from different angles. Despite the dark times JP is focused on going platinum and to be one of the biggest artists in the world. He continues to share
his story through his addicting music.


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