Izzy Bee Bringing that Flavor in New single "From The Heart" @1zzybee_

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Isiah “Izzy Bee” Roberts is the new voice of not only New Jersey, but hip-hop period. With influences ranging from Lil Wayne and Future to Lil Baby, Izzy aims to create undeniably timeless music while touring the world. And we believe he can!

For Izzy Bee being in a studio is not only a way to express his emotions freely, while channeling suppressed feelings and transitioning them into lyrics , it’s become a lifestyle. With over 65K combined streams and counting on YouTube alone, it is safe to say that Izzy is no stranger to making hits. His sophomore tape “From The Heart” is now streaming on all platforms following up his debut mixtape “Izzup”. Count on Izzy Bee to release upcoming singles with creative visuals and challenges on all social media platforms.

Izzy’s single “From The Heart” takes place in front of a brownstone building in NYC, where he and platinum producer Cito On The Beat, dressed in adidas track suits, oversized long chains carrying an old school boombox, stand on Izzy’s lovers steps trying to serenade her to forgive him for doing wrong. Does it work? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Check out Izzy Bee’s latest single “From The Heart” Prod. CitoOnTheBeat


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