In order to report on Ben Gordon’s alleged knitting needle attacks, Cam’ron takes to the streets

For his sports program It Is What It Is, Cam’ron is working hard, and he’s adding to it with an investigative report on former NBA player Ben Gordon.

Killa Cam posted a story about Gordon’s arrest for allegedly stabbing people in Harlem with knitting needles on his Instagram account on Wednesday (December 7). Cam’s post included a collection of videos that were assembled to highlight the entire ordeal.

“It’s your boy Cam reporting for It Is What It Is Talk in front of Harlem Hospital, where former NBA player and Sixth Man of the Year Ben Gordon seems to be having mental issues trying to stab people. Weapon of choice, sewing needles,” the rapper said as the camera panned out to show the hospital.

The subsequent videos show one of the needles Gordon is accused of using in public as well as real arrest video, which reveals the NBA shooting guard jerking his head abnormally as officers placed handcuffs on him.

In other videos, Gordon is seen in the hospital being treated by a nurse, but Gordon subsequently tries to flee the establishment. Cam took it upon himself to speak with witnesses who observed the entire episode to gather their testimonies.

One guy claimed to have been outside, oblivious to what was happening, when he spotted Gordon apparently attempting to injure people with a knitting needle. Another individual claimed to have said hello to Ben Gordon before seeing a police pursuit and subsequent tackling of Gordon to the ground.

According to the remarks under Cam’s tweet, many Dipset followers weren’t sure if what they were witnessing was real or not.

“Son I’m done lol,” former NFL player Lesean McCoy wrote while someone else said, “Cam got the news before everybody?? How does that happen?”

Roy Hibbert, a former Indiana Pacers player, bluntly questioned Cam, “Kills this for real?” “Yea” was the rapper’s response.

To verify the veracity of his account, Cam’ron’s team did so. They acknowledged that the event involving Ben Gordon indeed happened.

Ben Gordon played in the NBA for nine seasons until playing in a preseason game for the Golden State Warriors in 2015. Since then, he has run into his fair share of legal issues. Gordon was detained last month on suspicion of assaulting two security personnel at the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s in Chicago, Illinois.

Gordon was detained at LaGuardia Airport in October after it was reported by witnesses that he had struck his 10-year-old son in the face as they prepared to board a flight to Chicago. Two Port Authority of New York officers and police from New Jersey reportedly suffered injuries during the arrest.

Gordon was also detained in 2017 after activating a fire alarm in a Los Angeles, California, apartment complex. He was accused of robbing the management of the apartment complex where he lived later that year. The charges were dropped, according to TMZ, after Gordon reached a “civil compromise.”

Ben Gordon’s stint on Cam’s new sports program is just the beginning of what he has in store. He has already released video in which he criticizes Charles Barkley, a Hall of Famer, and Ja Morant, a talented player for the Memphis Grizzlies, but Aaron Rodgers was the target of one of his most scathing attacks.

“Why the fuck are we ever comparing Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady in anything?” Cam asked in the clip. “Why? I don’t really understand it. The proof is not in the pudding. Aaron Rodgers has not won a Super Bowl since 2011. Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl eight times since then.”

He continued: “And then another thing with Aaron Rodgers, he gives me cry baby, grumpy old man, the end-of-Brett-Farve’s-career-in-Green Bay vibes. That’s all he do. The same thing he doing is the same shit that Brett Farve did to him — cry about the new quarterback, don’t wanna help him out, don’t know if he’s coming in the off-season, don’t know if he’s going to extend the contract to last year when he got the extension, put Green Bay through all this shit.”

In order to report on Ben Gordon’s alleged knitting needle attacks, Cam’ron takes to the streets

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