(EP) Laraw – “Mood Af “

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Rising Montreal-born and bred singer- songwriter Laraw releases her highly anticipated EP Mood Af . Ultra keen and ready to take her unique sound and aesthetic to the world, this new music project comes on the heels of the release of her debut indie single “I Should Call The Cops” and video for Pretty Necklace that caught the attention of some key members of the music industry cognoscenti. Occupying a unique musical space where Lolo Zouai meets MIA, Laraw’s raw, intimate, personal and therapeutic lyrics blend perfectly with the Indie Trap and RnB concoctions of producer and collaborator Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Loud, Heartfelt, Nate Husser). And Mood Af almost acts like a manifesto of sorts for this artist whose words are as genuine and honest as it gets. “My songs are real stories, I don’t try to sugarcoat anything”, says the formally trained sound designer and music producer, who doubles as a fashionista that occasionally models for Montreal brands such as UPPL (Tamy Emma Pépin), Sokoloff Lingerie, Le artof. “Mood Af represents the psychological evolution of someone falling into addiction. Going from denial to total acceptance. I always hated to party, because everyone gets drunk and you feel this social pressure to get drunk. As I did, I realized that I would completely lose control. Mood Af is basically me going to a party, losing control, trying to fight it, but ending up in this dark place again.” She adds: “I also always scream Mood Af when I finish a song!”

Laraw’s debut EP Mood Af blurs genres, flaunts fresh storytelling and carries with it an aesthetic that will surely take the fashion and music scene by storm.

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