(EP) Jody Lo – Out of the Trap House @9lackLoJody

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After releasing his highly touted single “Talk My Shit”, Jody Lo comes out of the trap house to deliver his latest EP. The new set of sounds weighs in at a solid 8 tracks backed by some stellar production and lyricism provided by the North Carolina artist. Out of the Trap House has the artist aiming sky high, packing and sealing some dope content for his fans and new listeners who join the wave Jody is riding, trying to make it out the trap house. The EP sees only one feature with Jahron assisting the artist with a verse on “Talk Too Much”. The whole EP is playable from start to finish, beginning with the banger that is “Talk My Shit” and ending with the heavy trap sounding “Sixteen”. Jody Lo can easily fit in the same category as Gucci Mane, trap artists who can provide lyricism when they wish, from verses to catchy hooks, making sure they don’t end up last in your playlists. Out of the Trap House can be heard on any streaming platform, from Spotify to Apple Music and everything in between, showcasing Jody Lo’s talents in the kitchen but also behind the mic. The EP won’t be the last project we hear from the up and comer so be sure to peep Out of the Trap House below and follow Jody on all social media.




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