DaBaby’s altercation with two young children who were attempting to raise money by selling Skittles and Gushers has sparked a Twitter discussion. DaBaby was in New York City on Monday (June 12), following a performance at the ESPY Awards, when he got out of his Mercedes Sprinter van with a huge wad of cash and inquired about the candy prices.

“How much for the whole box?” DaBaby inquires, and the young man responds, “$200,” despite each unit being only $2 apiece.

After a little giggle, DaBaby inquires about the price of the other boy’s box of Gushers and receives the same response.

“These n-iggas,” With a laugh, DaBaby says. “You made $400 off that and you selling them for $2? Let’s count ’em. What’s 34 times two? It ain’t $200. It ain’t even $100 [laughs]. That’s $68.”

DaBaby eventually handed them about $4 in exchange for some Gushers and drove away.

However, several Twitter users criticized DaBaby’s treatment of the two young guys, accusing him of not providing them a better chance to succeed.

As one Twitter user wrote, ‘Why would you as a Black man go and violate two Black boys selling snacks on the street? You’re supposed to give them some change and tell them to keep the snacks so they can hold on to more inventory. DaBaby is a fucking bozo and I want the worst for him.”

Another said, “Y’all talk about let black kids be kids, but don’t kids lie here and there, joke around, play, test their boundaries? Why are you crucifying literal children over $200 that means nothing to Dababy. Why can you not contextualize this, y’all aren’t millionaires. It’s getting weird

Others compared Meek Mill’s position to a group of Atlanta teenagers attempting to sell water bottles on the street. Meek Mill arrived in a $400,000 vehicle wearing dazzling jewelry last December and instructed six youngsters to divide $20, which didn’t sit well with the public.

“Between DaBaby & Meek Mill..I am tired of these rappers disrespecting these Black children,” one person wrote, while another said, “DaBaby and Meek Mill – not helping kids trying to make money selling stuff on the street.”

Even However, other individuals backed DaBaby and believed the candy vendors needed a lesson, such as Guapdad 4000, who remarked, “I actually agree with Dababy for doing them kids like that. They should have been better liars if anything + they had a horrible finesse game.”

Meanwhile, according to BNC News reporter Mike Hill, “This is a lesson learned!! They thought they could get over. Now they just need to get over it.”

However, other individuals aren’t shocked that people are congregating in DaBaby’s section, with one person stating, “Not shocked that people are defending DaBaby. People dream of attaining excess wealth just so they can shit on others. They want their chance at being a rich dickhead.” 



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