Bow Wow Claims That Being A Rapper Is Too Demanding For Him

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On Tuesday(June 29th) , Bow Wow turned to Instagram to tell the world that being a rapper is too stressful for him.

“I was soooo stressed putting this show together in 4 days for VERZUZ!!” he captioned the post. “What ya’ll don’t know is our hard drive CRASHED 6 mins before we went live!! SEE.”

He released what looks to be a response video, in which he describes how upset he was after losing his hard drive.

“Y’all n*ggas see why I don’t be wanting to rap no motherf*cking more?” Bow said in the clip. “This is exactly why I’m at peace. I’m at peace, man. I like hosting my sh*t, making more money than half of y’all rap n*ggas. I like doing my podcast. This sh*t right here is the number one reason why a n*gga don’t wanna rap no more. This is the reason why. I do movies, and I do so much other sh*t. It’s because rap sh*t brings stress….I don’t f*ck with rap. I hate doing this sh*t.”

The VERZUZ duel between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy went down without a hitch, indicating that the problem was immediately rectified.

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