(Audio) Vandes Jackson – Tippity Top @vandesjackson_

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“Tippity Top” Available Now!

Los Angeles, California – May 29, 2020 – Vandes Jackson has been making big moves in the hip hop game. Not only as the founder of Rockstar Trap Music(R.T.M.), a collective that delivers everything from Trap to Rock and everything in between, but also his own music including his latest singles; “Vibe” and “Boom”.
Both released this year, Vandes’ latest singles showcase an extreme level of authenticity in terms of writing and production. These were targets, and Vandes Jackson is on the front lines blowing them to smithereens.

Energetic, catchy, and unique broadly covers up not only Vandes’ style, but also who he is as an artist as well. Essentially, he can create layers of melodic rhythms from nothing to catch the listeners. To add ammo to the gunfight, the collective implements words as percussive textures with a trap music foundation. Sleazo, & Anonymous take us on a journey of partying, and uplifting chants that pierce the air with vibes that simply make you want to dance. That’s it! That’s where they get you! To be able to easily come up with wild ideas that turn out amazing every time is a gift. This guy is dangerous! As an independent artist, even more dangerous to be fearless doing so.
With very high hopes of one day sharing the stage with the likes of Young Thug and Quality Control in its entirety, he’s working extremely hard to ensure his dreams become reality harder than anyone you’ve ever seen.


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