(Audio) Jamel Thomas – “This Fall” @JamelThomasNDR

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Jamel Thomas is back with another track off of his upcoming mixtape; “One On the House”. This time presenting a stunning array of fall visuals with a decidedly upbeat track produced by Kavi Bless, Jamel Thomas himself and additional co-production by Neo Tempus. The instrumental changes throughout the song, giving the listener a taste of fall, with it’s many changes, and a foreshadowing of cold winter beats. Jamel Thomas’ vocals come in hot, following the song’s further nuances in delivery, at times seeming like there’s more than one person on the track.

With a nod to cuffing season, Jamel Thomas delivers bars as crisp as the fallen leaves, exploring the changing season with themes of love interwoven with his predilection for fall fashion. Listeners will find double meanings in this song as he says: “…Right now I’m focused on making moves, it’s like that having major goals, my summers gone that’s the way it goes, now I’m in clubs with the Kangols, only got time for the tango” while other verses hint he “might be handcuffed, not by the law” and “her love’s where I plan to go, but till spring my hand is cold”.

Like many of us, Jamel Thomas’ strong work ethic and dedication to a dream is often put to the test by beautiful women. “This Fall” offers listeners a glimpse at his passion as he continues to dedicate himself to his fans by releasing another solid track off the upcoming mixtape. What stands out the most about this song is the fact that it can easily be a club banger, but isn’t really typical of rappers these days to make a song that’s really about celebrating a season. It seems Jamel’s main goal is to get you hyped up for the Fall. So put this track on your morning playlist, grab your leather jackets and Timberland boots!​

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