5 Questions with emerging southern rapper Lōkey

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After a series of teasers posted on instagram by rapper / singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Niño Brown, the new track “Not the Same ” was released today on all major streaming platforms and it does not disappoint. The song features Quezzy Poet, who has been a frequent collaborator with Niño in the past few months and introduces a new up and coming talent with a most unique vocal styling who goes by the name Lōkey. We caught up with Lōkey the day before the drop and gave him his first ever interview.
Lōkey: I’ve been rapping since my mid teens just free-styling and transitioning into writing.

HHFC: How did you hook up with Niño Brown and Quezzy Poet?

Lōkey: I met Poet through a mutual friend and was in the studio when I met Niño. What started as a fun gig ended up being something more.
HHFC: One of your stand out vocal characteristics is by far your deep vocal tone. Listening to your new song “Not the Same” I noticed you seem to change octaves 3 different times, going into a deeper register each time. Was this intentional?
Lōkey: As far as the vocals go it was intended to keep the same flow in one take but ended up changing tone to sound even better because the verse was recorded in sections.
HHFC:The track was produced by hip-hop producer Svgar Bear who has worked with a number of the largest rappers in the world today. Was this something that you were aware of as you began writing to the track?
Lōkey: I actually wasn’t aware of the producer being so well known and working with so many other artists but now that I do; shout out to Svgar Bear!
HHFC: What can we expect from you in the future?
Lōkey: What the future holds is the question of the century it seems. But as far as me and the team’s future you can expect consistency in all aspects. Consistent change and adaptations in sound. That being vocals to beat selection. Consistent expression. Moral of the story; we’re bringing consistent progress ya digg.
                                  “Not the same” by Niño Brown, Quezzy Poet, and Lōkey is available now on all Major streaming platforms


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