SheltLuv Drops Visuals for his debut single “You Know” @SheltLuv

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Music with a message isn’t lost for the younger generation. 22-year-old; Columbus, Georgia native SheltLuv , just dropped his first single and definitely has something to say.

SheltLuv keeps up with a rapid fire beat as he gives his mental rundown of today’s world and rap game. He keeps his first visual attempt simple with just clean and clear clips of him and a couple of crew appearances.

The plot twist comes at the end when ShelLuv shows up in a masked, Purge style formation, the beat slows down and he gets a little up close and personal with camera.

Although he’s new to dropping his own visuals, SheltLuv has been rapping since a kid and began taking it serious during high school when he began to hone his signature style.

SheltLuv is currently working on his debut EP and a planning the release of his next single. Keep up with SheltLuv on all social media at @SheltLuv and in the meantime check out the visuals for “You Know”


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