200 free meals and PUMA sneakers are distributed by Cordae to his former high school.

Together with Puma and Goodr, Cordae is giving back to his neighborhood.

The rapper from Maryland gave away more than 200 free dinners and pairs of sneakers to deserving families on Thursday (December 1) at his former high school in the District of Columbia.

The 25-year-old MC displayed multiple grocery bags overflowing with fresh food and other items, as well as more than 200 boxes of brand-new Puma footwear, in a video posted to Cordae’s Instagram Story.

As he conducted a tour of his business, Cordae stated, “I’m not recording this to brag about, ‘Oh, we giving back’ and stuff like that, but more so just if you know anybody in the DMV area man that’s in need.”

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Cordae and Puma have a long-standing relationship that began in 2019 when the footwear company appointed the Lost Boy rapper as their Youth Ambassador.

In 2020, Puma enlisted Cordae once more to assist with the promotion of their Unity campaign. The rapper appeared in multiple photos wearing the company’s most recent outfits, which were designed to symbolize “the athletic brand’s global heritage and the power of sport uniting our world.”

The former YBN member admitted to Zane Lowe that the inspiration for the new songs just came from him being in the zone in the studio.

“I did all of that stuff off the top. You can [ask] ATL Jacob the producer,” he said of “Unacceptable.” “I did not write a word. That was all just from the heart, literally. Me saying a couple of lines, line by line just punching in. I think it may be my most vulnerable and transparent song I’ve come out with so far.”

He continued: “When I made this song, I was feeling like my life was on the line. I swear. I just had an alert moment…a huge sense of urgency. I don’t know how else to describe it… just a sense of urgency. We was playing it back and I was just like — we just kept playing it back. I was like ‘I gotta get this out ASAP — this gotta come out now.’”

From a Bird’s Eye View, Cordae’s most recent full-length album, was released in January. He subsequently acknowledged that it didn’t measure up to his debut album Lost Boy.

“Yo so I just drove on a lil 4 hour road trip and listened to both my albums front to back,” he wrote on Twitter earlier this year. “And fuck I must say it’s most definitely The Lost Boy > FABEV lmaooo. My bad y’all. Ima do better next time. I got sumn to prove.”

200 free meals and PUMA sneakers are distributed by Cordae to his former high school.

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