Thouxanbanfauni Drops ‘Forever Figueroa 2’ Project @Thouxanbanfauni

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There is no doubt Thouxanbanfauni is a hip-hop favorite. The Atlanta based rapper provides that energy we all crave within music. His new project ‘Forever Figueroa 2’ is officially out on all streaming platforms and it provides everything we love about Fauni. He is transparent more than ever while providing dope flows over unforgettable production. Thouxanbanfauni is a true rebellious spirit doing things his own way. He is definitely in his bag right now going hard with the music more than ever! You can expect more releases from him throughout the year but for now, enjoy Forever Figueroa 2 and his latest music video drop of his classic “Beyond The Pines.” Be on the lookout for official FF2 visuals!


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