YNCMADEIT Shifts the music-scape with “Akuma Hum” @yncmadeit

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YNCMADEIT is an ATL native making his dreams come true in the music scene. Initially , he was just a producer supplying beats for others but that all changed when he decided to truly embrace his creativity and show the world that he is capable of being a recording artist as well. Throughout 2022 YNC was performing his music and he found the crowd responses to be satisfying. As for his upbringing his entire family is from Trinidad and Tobago. He is grateful for his roots because he uses the culture’s sounds in his lyrics and production. He truly demonstrates this in his fresh release “A k u m a H u m.”

“This is the first time musically where I’ve truly accepted my culture. It’s a threshold. That song ended the era of me as a trap artist. The song literally is a new genre and it just brings a new groove. It’s produced and recorded by myself so I truly own this work.”
YNCMADEIT plans to make it big with his refreshing sounds. When explaining what is in store he replies, he wants to influence more evolution within the music game and he hopes to see his sound become mainstream.

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