Viral Star D’rock Delivers Downtempo Spanglish Heat with New Music Single + Video “Don’t Wanna Talk” @drockPF

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What’s dead is dead for Cape Verde artist D’rock. With the release of new single, “Don’t Wanna Talk,” the rising star finds a way to transform his feelings of betrayal into R&B magic.

In both English and Spanish, D’rock airs his grievances with a past love over rhythmic drill-style production for a passionate expression of pain. The moody record is relatable for anyone who has felt fed up in a relationship, not receiving the same amount of love and respect as they put forth.

“The song is inspired by being in a relationship that consists of lies and betrayal. Having a partner that plays the victim and keeps all their dark secrets in the closet.” – D’rock

Viral sensation and artist D’rock makes music for dreamers. The 23-year-old Cape Verde native radiates positivity and is the true embodiment of the word “hustle”. Coming to America and ultimately finding his home in Los Angeles, his smooth vocals and poignant lyrics seek to inspire those who have faced hardship as he once did. D’rock’s music is a unique brand of hip-hop with a heavy island influence stemming from his Cape Verdean heritage. His infectious smile and sunny disposition captivates audiences everywhere and has earned him over a million followers across Instagram and TikTok. D’rock steps into a new era with the release of his new single “Arenas” and shows his already massive fanbase that he is just getting started.


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