(Video) Timothy Welbeck – “We’ve Come This Far” @timothywelbeck

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MC turned Civil Rights Attorney and Africology Professor Timothy Welbeck uses music to express the hardships he and his family have faced in new single “We’ve Come This Far.” The track, which was produced by his 11-year old daughter, is extremely powerful. It speaks to the traditions in faith that lent his ancestors the strength to persevere, and how those very traditions have also helped him and his family. America has seen a tumultuous past few years, as the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others have opened the eyes of people across the nation to the oppression, inequalities, and dangers that have always plagued Black Americans. “But when we didn’t have much, we had us. When we had us, we had enough,” he raps, a testament to the faith that he has found in community and the bond he shares with those that came before him.

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