(Video) Timothy Welbeck featuring Nezi Momodu – “We Culture” @timothywelbeck @nezimomodu

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Rapper, writer and lawyer, Timothy Welbeck inspires others through his lyrics and voice in his new music video for the hit single, “We Culture” featuring Nezi Momodu. Welbeck is an attorney, professor at Temple University, and contributing writer. His work has been featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Huffington Post, Respect Magazine, and several others.

Welbeck was always drawn to rapping prior to his career in law and the academy, and on “We Culture,” he leverages his impressive background to convey the song’s important message. The inspiration behind the song comes from the appreciation of the artists’ West African roots, along with his desire to celebrate the people who create the culture that makes the world go round. Timothy’s writing shows forth in how he communicates the song’s themes. Nezi’s smooth flow and strong wordplay add the perfect balance to the track.


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