(Video) Star2 feat. $tupid Young – “Big Bands” @Star2Official

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“Big Bands” is Star2’s collab with acclaimed gold-record, Long Beach rapper, $tupid Young. “$tupid Young reps the Asian community and paved the way for all Asian rappers in the industry,” says Star2, referring to the icon. “Big Bands” chronicles Star2’s coming-of-age in the streets of City Heights, San Diego: “Look I came from the bottom, now I’m riding to the top…growing up on the block, I been hearing lots of shots. Pop after pop, all we hear is body drop…I gotta watch how they talk, ain’t nothin less than a boss.”

He raps in a gritty voice spitting the chorus: “Big Bands in my bank account. Back then I had nothing in my bank account… I used to play with ones, I play with hunneds now. You’re gonna notice me – every time you come around!”

$tupid Young takes it from there: “Big Bands in my bank account, hop out with the gang, do my thing and bounce. You pc’d up, took the scary route, we came broad-day and aired it out.”

The video tells the story of a bank hold-up, Star2 in the getaway car. $tupid Young wears his trademark Golden “Afficials” Ace-of-Spades necklace: Star2 his Teddy Bear chain. The pair use their ill-gotten gains to go to a strip club “Big Bandy” and make it rain. The track features dramatic staccato strings and a series of mysterious minor-chord notes that repeat and trail off at the end.

The track is the sixth on his upcoming Real Life EP featuring Luh Kel (“I Wanna Get F’d Up”) and Lil Poppa (“Real Life”). It follows his last two hits: “Thinkin Bout You”and “Run Away” Star2 recently recorded a song which features superstar Soulja Boy; the two have filmed a music video with Luh Kel to drop later this summer.

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