(Video) LolaBunz – West End Prod. By Trizzlam @TheLolabunz

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LolaBunz is a rising multidisciplinary artist. From Toronto, she has held several titles as a hip hop artist, spoken word artist, youth activist and entrepreneur. At 27, LolaBunz is highly known for using her music and words of influence to inspire and bring communities together, locally and internationally. She has been making strides as a fierce lyricist, with her woke attitude and raw talent, proudly representing her city.

Over the years, she has landed major performances on BET, Manifesto, Honey Jam Canada, Canadian Music week, TIFF and much more. Never static, she likes to catch her fans off guard, especially with her upcoming new project: “Many people hear the word ‘rapper’, or female rapper, and expect to hear one type of sound or vibe, even when they hear LolaBunz, some expect the raw gritty hood chick. My upcoming album ‘Wild Card’ was named for that reason, to let people know that I am very versatile – I can sing, rap, be conscious, be gritty. I can do it all”. Infused with a West African background, her music is a tribute to all the different influences she grew up around, which made her the accomplished artist that she is.

2018 will be an even bigger year for LolaBunz, as she will be dropping her new album ‘Wild Card’ later this summer. “I spent about a year really focusing on my brand and starting/deleting songs, loving/hating them. For a while, I was so focused on what type of music was trending and what people were listening to, but it got to a point where I literally said f*ck it and chose to just do what I feel like Lola would like to hear, and those are the songs I chose for this album.”

The first single and video off her highly anticipated new LP, ‘West End’, testifies of LolaBunz’ upbringing around a multitude of different communities, in the West End of Toronto. “Jamaicans, Somaliens, Africans, Asians, this song and video was my way of capturing the essence of the people, the places, the food, the cultures that contributed to my upbringing”. Giving listeners an anthem that shows not only where she came from, but that regardless of what neighbourhood or community and culture you are from, we can all relate under a common acceptance and celebration of each other.

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