(Video) ElceeTheArtist – “Roll In Peace” (Remix) @ElceeTheArtist

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Just two days before the start of 2018, ElceeTheArtist released his remix of Kodak Black and XXXTENTACION’s “Roll In Peace”. The remix is a decidedly Toronto treatment that can be heard in the differences between the flows, and the word choice. There’s another two nods to Toronto that you’ll find in the video as well. Observant viewers will recognize the setting of the visuals as CF Shops at Don Mills. The second nod is undoubtedly Elcee’s frosted breath. Toronto residents ought to be familiar with both of those. The remix is also a distinctly Elcee treatment as well. The switch between melodic choruses and rapped verses is blended with harmonized vocal adlibs, something that has come to define Elcee’s style as an artist blending the lines between rap and R&B. At just under two minutes, the remix is a straight to the point reimagining of the track. Instead of taking themes from Kodak Black’s original, ElceeTheArtist instead lets the beat dictate the emotion and topic. The resulting track is a lot like many Torontonians: Foreign born, but distinctly Torontonian at heart.


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