Toronto Rapper Lexxicon drops New single Drunk Every Weekend

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Lexxicon’s new single “Drunk Every Weekend” from his long-awaited album Drill Sergeant (April 27th) positions the Toronto rapper as a compelling new voice on the drill scene, blending catchy yet rugged beats alongside profound lyricism that speaks to demons we all must face.

“As a creative and artist sometimes your feelings take over all logic and thinking and you aren’t able to push past them,” explains Lexxicon, who has lived in London (UK), New York City (USA) and is now based in Toronto (Canada). “This song was created from the feelings after a six month relationship breakup where all the things you did, and places you went, reminded you of one person and it was near impossible to get them out of your head. We all find different ways of coping with negative feelings, some good, some bad”. This new “Drunk Every Weekend” song and video co-directed by Lexxicon and New Wave Visuals sees him drawing from his influences (Russ Millions, Pop Smoke, Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj) while this unique fusion of drill and dancehall inspired by his Jamaican ancestry positions Lexxicon as a critical new voice worth checking out.

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