Q100.5 Radio Personality Natalia Hernandez Interviews Mo’Nique on Surviving R. Kelly, Tiffany Haddish & More!

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Last week, Mo’Nique visited the Las Vegas R&B station, Q100.5FM and sat with Natalia Hernandez to sound off on various topics. Mo’Nique addressed many of the anticipated questions fans have been pondering for awhile. Natalia brings out a certain candidness in Mo’Nique, which is causing these videos to go viral.

According to Natalia..

“I interviewed Mo’Nique to help promote her new residency in Las Vegas (Mo’Nique does Vegas at the SLS Sayers Club) and it was one of the most empowering and moving interviews I’ve ever done. She was open, sincere and unapologetic. We spoke on hot button issues like the Netflix Boycott, she stood up for Tiffany Haddish and even gave her thoughts on the R Kelly situation. Things got deep and Mo’ brought a level of realness and vulnerability that most celebs would never display. When we spoke about inequality in showbiz it really hit home for me. Even in the radio/media industry it exists and it’s our industry’s dirty little secret. My hope is that after watching this interview Mo’Nique’s point of view will be better understood and women will feel empowered and demand to be paid their worth.”

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