OnlyJahmez Releases Official Music Video for “Cash Flow” Featuring Robbie Newell @onlyjahmez

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Sloppy Vinyl act ​OnlyJahmez​ returns with the highly anticipated music video for his latest single, “Cash Flow” from his latest project ​Disco​ where he stayed true to his futuristic visuals and sound. In the “Cash Flow” music video, it shares a story of a man trying to chase the money while attempting to remain faithful in his relationship. This is a subject every man (and woman) and especially artists can relate to. The video is shot and directed by wavechange and it is the continuing story of OnlyJahmez going through a crazy futuristic lifestyle while trying to make it to the disco. Be sure to check out previous videos to complete the full version of the Disco story. Also, be on the lookout for the continuing story of OnlyJahmez at the disco coming soon.


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