Niño Brown – Red and Black (feat. BYV_Trubb & Quezzy Poet) @cortezgarza

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The Georgia Bulldogs Rap anthem
Cortez Garza A.K.A. Niño Brown has been making waves in the rap scene in the last few months with his rapid fire releases, starting in September with his song of the summer, “Summer Rain”. Back with his band of merrymen that just might be delivering what is looking like the song of the winter. Athens, Ga, a town renowned for its musical history, a history that could only be rivaled by one other legacy; college football. “Back in February or so I got the idea to do a UGA rap anthem, which to be honest, it never really occurred to me that it had been done before. I didn’t really know much about the teams legacy but I got together with my good friend Thomas Nash and he schooled me on the history of the team”, said Brown. “It took me almost the whole year to write, record, mix and get features for the track and by the time we finished The Georgia Bulldogs were #1 in the country, a total coincidence of course. This is the best season they have had in 30 plus years”, says Brown. The song comes out of the gate with a recognizable refrain to hip-hop fans young and old, “Bow-wow-wow, yippie-yo- u-g-a, Bow-wow-yippie-yo-u-g-a”, an obvious nod to Snoop Doggy Dog, followed immediately by the sounds of legendary sports announcer, Larry Munsons’ voice echoing through Sanford Stadium like a thunder reverberating through a canyon.
The Georgia Bulldogs face the Michigan Wolverines in the 2021 Orange Bowl Semifinal on Friday, Dec 31st.
Red and Black” by Niño Brown, BYV_Trubb and Quezzy Poet is available on all streaming platforms.

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