Master P is fed up with his previous musicians criticizing him after leaving his label, and it appears that the frustration is related to recent remarks made by Fat Trel.

The No Limit tycoon appeared as a guest on The Gauds Show’s most recent episode, which was released on Thursday (February 16). P made some light-hearted digs throughout the interview while jokingly proposing that a statute of limitations be applied after seven years of leaving his label.

“I think people wanna do and say what they wanna do after time go by. Like another guy said, ‘Oh P said he was gonna do [a sequel to] Menace II Society,’ he began – referencing Trel’s recent conversation on No Jumper. “How could I do Menace II Society? Go check have I ever said that in anything. You can’t find me saying it. So what I did say was I was going to do a movie like Menace II Society.”

He continued: “Back then I had a movie in mind. It was called Get Money. But at the time, Gucci Mane kept going to jail. So I was thinking on him, putting a couple people in the movie with him – some other young boys with him. But he kept going to jail. It’s crazy how this generation will act like you just said that yesterday but that was 12 or 15 years ago. Why is that a topic? That don’t even make sense, but that let me know, oh, they scared of you.”

He proceeded by saying that the moment an artist told him they wanted to quit, he always tore up the contract.

“I’m like, ‘How could an artist be mad with me?’” P asked. “Let me tell y’all – and I want all y’all to know this – this what my motto was: If you don’t wanna be with me, I don’t wanna be with you. It’s almost like in a relationship. I ain’t trying to hold you back.”

“That’s what I call ungratefulness. If you moved on 10 or 15 or 20 years after me, why is you talking about me? I forgot about y’all! For real. I’m the only thing you can talk about?”

“It should be a law. After seven years, you shouldn’t be allowed to go on no podcast and talk about nobody. Think about it! It’s a statute of limitations. If you ain’t been around that person in over seven years, please, you don’t deserve to talk about them.”

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No Jumper welcomed Trel’s presence last month. The D.C.-based rapper said during the interview that he quit Master P’s group early in his career after being promised a part in a Menace 2 Society sequel that never materialized.

Trel, on the other hand, said P forced him to record for a band he never consented to join and even started selling the songs online without first handing him a contract.

“I felt like we was recording too much music because I’m like, ‘We here for the movie, bruh,’” Trel said. “I been living here for about seven months, I haven’t started an acting class, we no longer spoke about the scripts, the movie never ever came up. You know we doing video shoots and photo shoots and we got shirts pressed up that say Louie V Mob and he calling us the Louie V Mob and outside of the money that he was paying me monthly, I was receiving nothing for all of the music I’m putting out!”

Trel said, “He eventually quit and never looked back, and he never bothered to talk to Master P about it after that because he had no respect for him.”

Allen Hughes, a director on Menace II Society, subsequently said that neither he nor his brother had ever been approached by Master P or anybody else from his team about working on a Menace 2 Society sequel.

“This is the first I’m hearing of this,” Hughes said “I respect P tremendously but would never approve a sequel to Menace, never.”



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