LOE Addé Answers Multiple Questions In “Where I Been At?” @loeadde

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Maryland lyrical arsonist, LOE Addé is back to consistently making music with new single “Where I Been At,” where he describes his journey over the past couple of years with gems that he learned along the way. Captivating and heartfelt, LOE captures the rare essence of classic boom bap hip hop while being able to relate to his audience in his stories of black, youthful bliss.

Embellished in crafty metaphors and vivid wordplay, LOE is for sure making listeners feel his struggle with him adapting to life as a fresh out of college millennial. To assist his thoughtful hip hop ballad is a smoothly shot video with LOE and a colleague following him while he raps the lyrics with a powerful glare into the camera.

Meant for the message of family and loyal to hit his following, LOE expresses his agony of being misunderstood with each gaze into the camera. For him, music is his positive way of escaping the troubles of the world that have haunted him in life.

“When recording this song and coming up with the video concept, I want my fans and new fans to know the true emotions in my soul,” LOE told his manager Thomas during a studio session.”With all of the anger I held back, it feels right I can use my talent for rapping to channel the raw pain I have in my heart towards something positive.”

Captivating the ears of listeners with intricate and excellent hip hop prowess while gripping the eyes of viewers with his raw energy, LOE should not only ask “Where I Been At,” but why is he not a star yet?


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