FLO, the Versatile Artist Making His Mark in the Music Industry

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As a songwriter, FLO knows that good music brings people together. The rapper/songwriter has built a supportive online community around him through social media, but the biggest story to tell about FLO is that he’s just an ordinary person like everyone else. He never came from money, and everything he has, he had to go out and earn. Through his music, he’d like to share that you can just be yourself and still thrive if you are consistent with your efforts. As far as what makes him stand out, his versatility as an artist makes all the difference.

FLO is a multi-talented artist who can uniquely attack any beat or track. He aims to compile complex rhyme writing with simple hook concepts while rapping fast or even singing. The songwriter is still working on his singing, but ultimately, that’s his vision. His biggest dream while making music is for people to see that he’s just like them. He wants his fans to know that they are not alone in the world. Whether it’s writing sad or fun songs, his primary goal is to write in the present so that when people are on this journey of life, they can feel they are in the present moment and that he has also been through the same. “Hopefully, it will inspire them to keep fighting for something bigger or to be able to let loose and have fun,” says FLO.

FLO says that the biggest challenge he has had to overcome was his friends and family members’ drug and alcohol addictions. The songwriter has several family members who were addicted to heroin and other friends and family with alcohol issues. It was a big hurdle to overcome to try and stay focused on bettering himself when he had a lot of distractions weighing on him heavily. FLO also struggled in the early days of his music career because he was so determined to be successful that he ended up being too hard on himself. In turn, his life and music suffered. The songwriter is now enjoying the creative process without pushing it, and it is working for him.

Although FLO has had his share of challenges, he has emerged top of the table many times. Working with Twista, who was his idol growing up, was a big moment for the rapper. Collaborating with Twista was humbling for FLO as it meant that dreams do indeed come true. The artist has also worked with and collaborated on songs with Crucial Conflict, Lil Flip, Lil Wyte, Do or Die, Kobe Honeycutt, and many more. FLO hopes he can look back from the future and see the significant mark that he left on people in terms of his music.

To get in touch with FLO, you can reach out to him through his socials. The rapper has just released an album called Versatile. It’s a project idea he came up with years ago that shows how versatile a songwriter and artist he is. From rap to country, blues, hip-hop, and even some pop-style vibes, he feels that this album brings out the best in him.


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