Big Grip x 4PF Mackie x NG City – 3 Tickets @biggrip__ @lilmackie_1

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Creating a career in rap is no easy feat, the odds are always stacked up against artists who are just starting out. Big Grip x 4PF Mackie x NG City make it look like a seamless sweep with their infectious new album and authentic music video for ‘3 Tickets”.

Hip hop/rap artists Big Grip x 4PF Mackie x NG City are all individually carving out their own career paths in the industry, generating lots of buzz for themselves. The Three talented rising music artists, With their latest release from the hip hop/rap trio “3 Tickets” The track is filled with rhythmic arrangements fused with a Hip-Hop bump beat & the trio’s unique lyrical flow which carries a distinctive, yet commanding, baritone rap vibes.

Enjoy the new music tracks and visuals from the trio’s debut EP “3 Tickets” available now on all your favorite streaming Platforms. Stay tuned for more to come from this new age hip hop/rap trio.

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