(Audio) Vudumane – Joy @vudumane

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Serving up Afrobeat on new levels, Rising music artist Vudumane has been repping his Ghanaian roots since the start of his career with his African meets pop sounds that have sent waves through the industry. With more than a dozen releases, he’s adding another to the cascade of hits with his latest single, “Joy.”

The impressive track “Joy” is filled with rhythmic arrangements fused with Hip Hop production. Vudumane’s distinctive, yet infectious lyrical word play intertwined with his baritone rap flow which remarkably has an attractive melodic feel that blends perfectly within the music bed. The lyrics will strike a chord with the audience. The song’s beats are also perfect for dancing. Vudumane wants listeners to turn it up, and start dancing. Vudumane creates music from memory, taking experiences from his real life and channeling them into music.

Enjoy the new track “Joy” available now on all your favorite streaming platforms! Stay tuned for more to come, because Vudumane is locked & loaded with content ready to be released!

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