(Audio) Tim Maiden – The Other Side @timmaiden_

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“The Other Side” was found by mistake really. Originally, I had put so much time and resources into another idea that was supposed to be the last song of the album. In the last session for it I realized I hated it. Everything was contrived and I hit a massive wall. I was thinking to myself, this is my last idea, I’ve spent way to much time on it and it sounds like shit. Cool.

So it was kind of a make or break moment for me. I was exhausted after a few years of working on this album and didn’t want it to end like this. I took a red-eye from NY to LA and only had 1 day left on this record. So I told my producer I wanted to write and record a new idea from scratch with the 2 hours we had left. I didn’t have my Prophet, which I made my entire record on, and we were at a friends home studio in East LA that was much more suited for production work not recording vocals and tracking from scratch. Little did I know I was totally wrong and had a lot to learn.

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