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Orlando artist niceymost has delivered a slow, soothing track with “WDW”. The R&B track has a great ambiance, achieving its goal by creating the perfect middle-of-the-week vibe. Niceymost’s voice is slow, sensual, and pleasantly distant, giving the listener the feeling of floating far above their problems. The production by Unicorn Waves expertly integrates soothing vocal effects with a piano melody provided by 2-Much. The song doesn’t feel like it has multiple moving parts at all; everything blends together perfectly.

When asked about the song, niceymost said, “This hook is dedicated to all the hardworking, beautiful women who deserve some time to celebrate themselves and enjoy themselves. While I was recording I decided to reflect on a story from a while back. Women need understanding and love now more than ever. So hopefully, every wednesday, they can hit play on this record and enjoy their best bottle of wine as they catch a vibe.” Ladies looking for soothing tracks should check out “WDW” and keep an eye on niceymost’s future releases.

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