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After the successful release of “Here I Am”, JLyles keeps his momentum on a forward course as he gives us the interlude titled “Lyles Lullaby”. The track serves as the second single to his upcoming album that many are patiently waiting for, including us. The Baltimore resident takes us on an adventure through his brain as he revisits parts of his life, especially those during his transition to the home of the Chesapeake Bay.

Produced by Sypooda, Lyles says that “this instrumental was so melodic that I couldn’t stop writing to it after penning the first line of the record. That’s why the song has no hook, it forced me to be introspective”. The influence gained from just the production gave the artist even more of an incentive to snag the beat from Sypooda. Gaining some sort of inspiration from any form of production is always a plus for artists, its even better when it takes one back to a certain time that challenges them musically and emotionally, as Lyles says “the beat is therapeutic”. With the perfect backbone and theme set in stone, the New Jersey native went to work crafting what would eventually become an extension of the “Lullaby” series, only second to “Chizz Lullaby”.

The lyricist by the name of JLyles held nothing back but instead let everything go. Really tuning into his vulnerable side with rhymes like “bottling my shit in this bottle is diabolical” and “man on a misison/my vision built a commission/my father sittin in prison/love momma but she was dippin/so we lackin supervision/and I’m the man of the house/weight of the world on my shoulders/gave hope in a drought”. This record is yet another taste of what is in store for listeners and supporters of JLyles and is sure to put numbers on the board just as its predecessor is currently doing. The Execution has no release date set but from what the globe has heard off the album it is safe to say that no one should be worried about what to expect from it because expectations are high and they will be met.

“The honesty in my lyrics combined with the pain represents my will to persevere and win while I’m here.” – JLyles

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