(Audio) 2Milly – On A Mission @2__Milly

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With millions of YouTube views of his hugely successful breakout anthem “Milly Rock,” momentum continues to rise for Brooklyn-born rapper 2 Milly. In celebration for his birthday today (February 26), the Sturdy Gang, Stack Paper boss presents his fans with a new single “On A Mission.”

Atop playful, energetic production laced with a polyrhythmic drum track and a hypnotizing synth loop, he expounds why he has been so successful over the past two years. In a choppy, start-and-stop flow, he tells how he went from hustling on the streets in his past life to hitting the road putting on shows across the country. It is evident that 2 Milly won’t stop until his mission of making all the money can is complete.

Just last month, he swept the nation on his Sturdy Way Tour and is now awaiting the release of debut mixtape Only the Sturdy Survive. And even though his success in the music industry is for certain, 2 Milly is still soaking up all the game he can from his rap mentors Maino and Travis $cott, who advised him to “just be yourself,” 2 Milly said they told him. “They said ‘the game will try to change you; people will try to change you, try to make you into what they want you to be.

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