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MC Beezy calls himself the voice of Houston and it’s evident that the singer and rap artist has a lot to say. Coming from a city that has provided such an impactful rap infrastructure with talent like that of Slim Thug, Scarface, and Trae the Truth, Beezy is standing on his own by creating a diverse, yet soulful sound that edges on the verge of R&B.

Breaking out with his single “Swagged Up I Be Killing It” in 2011, MC Beezy has grown immensely in a craft he’s been participating in since 2008. Born Michael Brown, Beezy always knew he wanted to be a performer and grew up in a musical household with his mother being a singer and pianist and his father being a bass player. It would be his brother to convince him to take rapping seriously and begin his journey as an artist. “Music is what I’ve always known best,” explains MC Beezy, so it’s no challenge for him to excel in the differing lanes of rap and R&B.

Now, he’s preparing to roll out a complete R&B album with Special, but he’s always been prone to adding melodic tones to his music. “I feel like rap is a bit over-saturated,” he explains. “This time around I wanted to show more diversity, songwriting ability, and vocal arrangements,” explains the artist.

MC Beezy’s ability to be diverse is what makes him a star in the making. Not only is he preparing new music for himself and other artists, but he’s building his brand though creating his own clothing line and working on new visuals for his fans to enjoy soon.

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