A-Park – Recipe

Listen to A-Park’s Super-Catchy New Single “Recipe” On Spotify & All Music Streaming Outlets!

Make room for this hot new German artist, his name is A-Park and buddy is definitely on his grind! He has a smash new single “Recipe” that has the people chanting the catchy hook “R-E-C__I-P-E” over the laid back melodic beat.  This could very well be a future anthem if it takes off (As it should!). We want everyone to give it a listen, if you think its a dope song add it to your playlist(s) and tell a friend!

Stream A-Park’s new single “Recipe” below on Spotify or catch it on any of your favorite streaming outlets!

HIP HOP IS NOW ORANGE… at least if we going after A-PARK!

A-PARK’s trademark is the color Orange. A-Park identifies his personal and business life with this color. A-Park describes himself as a creative,  outstanding, energetic person who remains to be a positive influence to others. Emitting vitality and getting his message out via his own movement “#OrangeHeartGang” is one of A-Park’s biggest goals.

Instagram: @its_apark
Facebook: @officialAPark
Twitter: @Its_A_Park
Youtube: @aparkofficial

A-Park – Recipe

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