For allegedly taking prescription medications to court and assaulting an officer, a lawyer representing Young Thug in the YSL RICO trial has been taken into custody.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the commotion started on Thursday morning (April 20) when Accused defendant Miles Farley’s lawyer, Anastasios Manettas, tried to enter the courtroom.

About 10 a.m., cops conducted a normal search of his suitcase and found a bottle of prescription medicine. They quickly detained him.

Manettas allegedly threw his phone to a different lawyer as the police surrounded him so that it wouldn’t be inspected, but it missed and struck an officer instead.

The lawyer was thus accused with simple violence on a police officer, having medications that were not in their original containers, obstruction, and interrupting court procedures.

Manettas was captured inside the courthouse in handcuffs in a Twitter image.

As mayhem broke out at a hearing on Wednesday, April 19, which was caused by The defendant Rodalius Ryan (also known as Lil Rod) yelling from behind chamber doors, Judge Ural Glanville requested that courtroom security be reinforced.

Ryan was “escorted out of the courtroom by a bunch of deputies,” according to Law & Crime Network reporter Cathy Russon, before being transported to a detention cell, where he reportedly screamed.

Young Thug was present in court at the moment and was seen on camera appearing perplexed as the atmosphere in the room grew tense. In court, cops remarked, “Everyone chill.” “Make the courtroom clear.”

Christian Eppinger and Coradrius Dorsey, two other YSL defendants, then got up and yelled at the police to get Ryan out of the holding cell. One of them yelled, “He didn’t do anything wrong!”

According to Eppinger’s lawyer, Eric Johnson, his client stood up because he cares deeply about Ryan and was worried about his safety.

“All of a sudden they take Mr. Ryan, the young child — I mean, he’s a kid — they take him to the back, and we can hear him screaming,” Dorsey’s attorney said. “We can hear him in the courtroom yelling for help. And we’re all confused.”

According to reports, Rodalius Ryan was hurt in a fight with a deputy back in January. While waiting to be taken from the jail to the courts, defense counsel Angela D’Williams said her client was assaulted in the head and collapsed to the pavement.
Ryan had injuries to his head, hands, and legs as a result of the event, according to D’Williams, who also expressed worry about a potential concussion. Yet sheriffs said Ryan “had been an ongoing problem” because he spit at a cop inside a police car.
In the YSL case, Young Thug is presently facing eight accusations, including various drug and weapons violations, two counts of involvement in criminal street gang activities, and conspiracy to violate the RICO Act.
Dolly White, Thugga’s other sister, appeared to confirm Grier’s demise when she reposted a photo of Grier that Lil Keed’s mother had originally published. Uncertainty surrounds the cause of death.


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