YNW MELLY Suffers Setback When Detective Finds Shooting Was Not Drive-By

A forensic reconstruction has now supported the assertion that YNW Melly staged a drive-by shooting to hide the purported killings of YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

Sgt. Christopher Williams, a crime scene investigator who was called to testify by the prosecution during the ongoing trial on Wednesday (June 28), concluded that the fatal bullets that killed the YNW members came from inside the car that they were riding in at the time of their deaths, not from the outside.

“The shooting happened from somebody inside the car,” Williams stated as he gave the jurors a replica of the crime scene. He noted that “the angles” of the projectiles entering the bodies of the victims “do not change,” and that it was likely because he had been examining the area for a drive-by that he had missed these characteristics the first time.

Juvy (actual name Christopher Thomas Jr.), according to Sgt. Williams, was facing forward when he was shot in the head at close range from the left in the “middle of his cheek.”

He described the entry wound as having an abrasion ring on it and provided the “tattoo of the stippling” as proof.

The Jeep Cherokee that YNW Bortlen was operating had Melly in the left rear seat, Juvy in the front passenger seat, and Sakchaser (born Anthony Williams) in the right rear seat, according to surveillance footage previously shown to the jury.

The medical examiners who conducted the autopsy and came to the conclusion that both deceased had fatal gunshot wounds to the head, with bullets entering from the left side, were also previously presented before the jury.

Since his murder trial got underway earlier this month, this is the most devastating evidence that has been brought against the troubled musician. Text messages purportedly sent by YNW Melly to his mother months before his two pals were killed were previously displayed to the court by prosecutor Kristine Bradley.

The rapper requested his mother for a gun in August 2018, only two months before the two were slain, according to the messages. “Get me a Glock ASAP,” said one of the texts. “Like go now … I just don’t want no illegal gun.”

Melly has so far achieved a few successes in the lawsuit despite these obstacles. Judge John Murphy of the Broward Circuit Court disclosed this week that a violation of discovery occurred because the prosecution withheld a second forensics report.

As a result, the data will no longer be considered throughout the study. She tweeted, “Judge Murphy ruled @ynwmelly trial that Prosecution committed a discovery violation for failure to disclose a second forensics report,” “That information will now be excluded!”

In 2019, YNW Melly was detained and accused with two charges of premeditated murder. She now faces a sentence of life in prison without the chance of release. He may be sentenced to death if found guilty.


YNW MELLY Suffers Setback When Detective Finds Shooting Was Not Drive-By

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