Welsh Da God from OnthesceneNY sits down with 02 Jay Money @1030jayMoney

Welsh Da God OnthesceneNY how are you?
I’m good jus chillen, the corona virus kinda got everything on hold, but im holding it down.

Welsh Da God – Vegas ? I know the scene is different out there . Are you adapted to the trap scene or west coast scene?

Yea Out in Vegas it’s different I’d say I’m more adapted to the trap scene, only because that’s the scene I grew up around with no choice.

Welsh Da God -How is it like growing up in Sin City Las Vegas ?

Growing up in Vegas is cool, cause it’s not really a big city like other cities so it’s kinda like you can stand out more. But it’s kinda hard too “blow up” because we don’t really have any artist that put on for us, but other than that I like it out here.

Welsh Da God – How did you come up with the name 02Jay Money ?

I came up with the name “02jaymoney” because I was born in 2002 an I got the Jay-Money part because I always been in love with money, I ran up 10 thousand dollars at 15.

Welsh Da God – Who are some artist you would like to work with in the industry?

A couple artist I would like to work with in the industry are for 1 lil baby cause I mess with his flows and lud foe he got some nice flows too.

Welsh Da God -Jon “Beauty Salon” Hamm your CEO said that you guys can’t travel and shows because you was on probation for a robbery charge. When do you get off of probation so you can travel ?

I get off probation in September of this year, I’ve been on since January.

Welsh Da God – How long you been in the game ?

I been in the rap game for a little over a year, i started last summer.

Welsh Da God – In the next couple months what can we except from Jay money ?

In the next couple of months y’all can expect to see a music video and a couple songs, y’all are for sure gonna wanna stay tuned.

Welsh Da God – Give the people your social media handle and where they can follow ur music

Y’all can follow me on Instagram @ 02JayMoney, SoundCloud@ 02JayMoney, and my Twitter @ 1030jayMoney.

Welsh Da God from OnthesceneNY sits down with 02 Jay Money @1030jayMoney

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