J. Prince and P. from Quality Control sat down to talk about Takeoff’s passing

Following the passing of TakeOff last November, J. Prince has disclosed that he spoke with Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “P” Thomas.

The Houston music executive informed Gillie Da Kid about the sit down before he and co-host Wallo decided to bring J. Prince on, according to Gillie Da Kid in a preview of the next edition of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast.

“When I got the call from you OG, you know: we was a little reluctant to do the interview,” Gillie starts out in the clip. “Because somebody lost they life, you know? It was a sensitive situation. So we talked and then when you alerted me that you had sat down with P from QC and everybody saw things eye-to-eye, that really had [us] like, ‘Ok cool, as long as you see eye-to-eye with the people that’s most close to him and y’all get everything figured out; then okay, you can come speak your truth.’”

Given that TakeOff and Quavo were with Prince’s son J. Prince Jr. in the hours prior to the late Migos rapper’s passing, many people have been holding the Prince family accountable for the rapper’s passing.

Two days after TakeOff passed away, J. Prince released a statement in which he expressed his condolences, discussed his long friendship with all three Migos, and highlighted how extensively video from the shooting incident had been circulated.

Additionally, the proprietor of Rap-A-Lot Records took use of the occasion to disassociate himself from the murderers.

“I consider myself a man that’s quick to listen and slow to speak, therefore to whomever is responsible for putting that bullet in my little nephews head, let it be known that you can’t hide behind me, beside me or anywhere near me because I don’t tolerate dumb shit,” Prince wrote in an Instagram tribute to TakeOff. “I speak these words not knowing whos bullet is responsible for his death. With that being said, the root of this tragedy is foolish and has to be owned by the fool.”

The Prince family, however, drew even more criticism when, instead of going to Atlanta for TakeOff’s burial, they erected a memorial to the rapper outside 810 Billiards and Bowling, the location of his death, that clearly displayed their last name. Also released in TakeOff’s honor were doves.

“You would’ve thought J Prince Jr died but no…. This entire memorial is BS,” one user wrote on Twitter. Another tweeted: “J Prince should be ashamed of himself, why tf would you put y’all name in flowers at a Takeoff memorial site? Go tf to hell!!!”

In the aftermath of the shooting, J. Prince previously defended his son’s conduct, especially in light of video that appeared to show J. Prince Jr. walking away from TakeOff’s body.

The music businessman stated that the viral video showing his kid passing TakeOff was just a short look at what was truly happening during an appearance on the Givin Them The Business podcast broadcast on January 9.

“You know one of the biggest lies that was told — he walked by TakeOff body as if he was heartless and didn’t care,” J. Prince said. “And in reality, Junior, my cousin Michael that’s here with me, they was there with TakeOff from the beginning to the end. Even when they walked by, they took three seconds of an hour and some situation when Mike and Junior was walking by.”

He continued by saying that J. Prince Jr. was actually going to a bathroom at that very moment to wash off the blood from his hands from ministering to the dead Atlanta rapper as soon as he had been shot.


J. Prince and P. from Quality Control sat down to talk about Takeoff’s passing

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