CEO of 1501 CARL CRAWFORD Issues an Apology to Megan Thee Stalllion

After a protracted and contentious legal dispute, Megan Thee Stallion has gotten an apology from her label’s CEO, Carl Crawford of 1501 Certified Ent.

Since late 2019, when Megan reportedly did so without 1501’s knowledge and signed a management contract with JAY-Roc Z’s Nation, the Houston Hottie and former MLB player have been at odds.

A few months later, Meg sued 1501, claiming that the Houston-based company had prevented her from releasing songs and would not agree to renegotiate the conditions of her contract, which Roc Nation had found to be problematic.

In February 2022, she sued 1501 again, this time seeking the court to rule that her 2021 effort Something For Thee Hotties satisfied the legal definition of an album and so counted toward her contract’s fulfillment. The product was referred to as a “bullshit ass mixtape” by Crawford when the label countersued the following month.

Meg renewed her case after the publication of her sophomore album Traumazine in August 2022, asking for $1 million in damages and arguing that the project had fulfilled the terms of her contract with 1501, allowing her to leave.

Carl Crawford has expressed regret for his breakup with Megan Thee Stallion, admitting he made “mistakes” and promising to stop disparaging her in public while acknowledging that their legal dispute looks to still be unresolved.

“Me and Megan, we haven’t talked since 2019,” he told TMZ. “We’ve been going through, I guess, what you guys see online and it’s unfortunate because I never wanted to have a situation where I was, you know, going back and forth with her on the internet.

“I never had any problems with Megan Thee Stallion. It’s just the social media stuff, it turned really, really sour. You take this social media part out of it, we don’t have a problem … I’m done with that.”

He added: “You not gon’ hear me mention Megan Thee Stallion name in the media unless I’m doing something like this. You not gon’ see me texting or making a post or doing any of that stuff that would cause social media to go crazy.”

Last April, Crawford stoked the fires of their conflict by posting a video of him dancing with Tory Lanez in a bar. Two years ago, Megan claimed Lanez shot her in the foot during a drunken argument; he was found guilty this past December.

Crawford explained that he had no loyalty to Tory Lanez and acknowledged that his incendiary tweet was a “petty” action on his side.

“Oh, the thing is with that, I don’t stand with nobody in that situation,” he explained. “That’s none of my business. You get caught up in the internet stuff and doing stuff just to — I don’t know if we can just use the word petty, ’cause there’s been a lot of petty stuff going on.

“I normally don’t do stuff like that. I think I just got wrapped up in the whole scheme of things that was going on. We all make mistakes. I’m not on nobody’s side with that. I was just… I don’t even know.”

Crawford blamed his actions on his “competitive nature” as a former professional athlete and “competitive nature.”

“Just call it, I don’t know, competitive nature,” he said. “Playing sports, you’re used to people yelling at you and you go back and forth, so I kinda got caught up in that game a little bit which I probably shouldn’t have done because I’m in a different game now, and I can’t just treat it as a fan yelling at me and I get to yell back.”

After their high-profile argument with Megan, Carl Crawford recently appointed industry veteran Kai “Verse” Tyler as the label’s new president in an effort to restore 1501’s “bad” reputation.

In a conversation with TMZ, Tyler stated that 1501 has no ill will against Megan Thee Stallion, JAY-Z, or Roc Nation and characterized Crawford’s alliance with Tory Lanez as the young music executive’s naiveté.

“At the end of the day, [Carl] doesn’t know him,” he said. “Once again, a guy that doesn’t know the business of music and that politics side … ‘Don’t stand with this player because the Red Sox might not like it later.’ He doesn’t understand that’s how we move in the business of music.”

Carl Crawford’s apology has not yet received a response from Megan Thee Stallion. Since the start of Tory Lanez’s shooting trial in December, the “Savage” hitmaker has kept a low profile, although she did reappear earlier this month to mark her 28th birthday.

Megan was surprised by friends and family at her birthday celebration, which was hosted in what looked to be a posh restaurant, as shown in a video that went viral on social media.

CEO of 1501 CARL CRAWFORD Issues an Apology to Megan Thee Stalllion

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