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In May, JAY-Z and Beyoncé supposedly bought the world’s most expensive automobile, and now the Roc Nation billionaire has made yet another lavish purchase. Hov and his famous wife visited Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin’s holiday party during the Fourth of July weekend. JAY-wrist, Z’s however, accidentally stole the show.

In a snapshot released by Migos musician Quavo, the Hip Hop mogul is seen wearing a Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon in green sapphire to compliment his all-white ensemble. According to reports, the limited edition item is very rare and valued a whopping $3 million.

The watch, according to Instagram user @insaneluxurylife, is one of the most costly ever made by the Mille company and the second one-of-a-kind item commissioned by JAY-Z. While the $3 million price tag has yet to be confirmed, prior models of the 56-01 have cost in the same ballpark.

In current rap music, the Richard Mille brand is frequently mentioned. JAY-Z rapped about his $2.5 million Richard Mille 56 with blue sapphire case earlier this year. GQ writer Alfred Tong analyzed the opulent watch in an essay and discovered it took over 3,000 hours to create.

Richard Mille, which was founded in 1999, has graced the wrists of Pharrell, Frank Ocean, and, of course, JAY-Z, to mention a few.

Migos released Culture III last month, which includes the song “Light It Up,” which featured the late Pop Smoke (originally named “Richard Mille”). The dead rapper spoke about his admiration for the Richard Mille label on the single.

“Everything white, Madonna,” he rapped. “Only hand-selected diamonds/Brand new Richard Mille (Mille)/Cost a milli’ (Oh).”

Moneybagg Yo’s platinum-selling single “Said Sum” boasts a Mille nod as well with, “Rappers with they mixed feelings (What?)/I ain’t fuckin’ with ’em (Nope)/Like a Richard Mille, let me know what time it is/Bagg where da Runtz at? (Huh? Huh?).”

And that’s only the start. On the DAYTONA track “Come Back Baby” in 2018, Pusha T rapped about Richard Mille, saying, “It’s a mill in the caravan? (Whoa)/Richard Mille on a leather band (Whoo).”

Over the years, Pharrell, Rich The Kid, Gunna, and The Carters have all made references to the high-end watch brand in their songs.

On the 2018 EVERYTHING IS LOVE single “APESHIT” featuring Quavo, Beyoncé spits (yes, SPITS), “Sendin’ the missiles off (Uh, ah), drinkin’ my inhibitions off (Yeah)/250 for the Richard Mille (Yeah), yeah yeah, live in a field (Livin’ up)/My body make Jigga go kneel (Woo).”

More money, it appears, means more costly watches.

Take a listen to the song below.


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