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Luv Docta offers relationship advice with new single ‘Hood Romantic’

CHICAGO, IL – Ladies and gentlemen … the Luv Docta is in session.

Hailing from Chicago, this lyricist with a heart of gold has amassed decades of wisdom when it comes to love and relationships, and he’s ready to impart that wisdom to a wider audience with his new mixtape, “Luv Affairz,” which is slated to drop April 24. He’s already been helping people all over the U.S. through his videos and podcasts which bring his many experiences of love and loss into the light in ways that help other people through their own situations. And with this new mixtape, he hopes to give people a soundtrack, of sorts, to their lives and to offer a musical outlet for the ups and downs of their relationships.

“I’m bringing Soul and Hip Hop together in a way that can change the game forever,” the Luv Docta said of his new project. “Every track on this project represents a kind of vibe that’ll have you drunk in love, but through my music. It’s more than just making good music though. It’s a movement.”

Three of his singles off the tape have already been making the rounds and have created a wave of excitement in anticipation of the full release on April 24. Most recently, his single “Hood Romantic” has been gaining some major attention throughout the Midwest. Luv Docta said it’s a song for everybody, but he recognizes that more women will catch the message behind the music than men. 

“Women love guys who have a soft spot to him,” he said. “A guy who is romantic and sweet but who also has a little aggressiveness – not in a bad way but a good way. I consider myself as an artist who has a good side and a bad side. And because of that, I can give those females that different vibe experience. The song, overall, is mellow and drives people in with melodies as well as with vocals and my unique cadence. So the women are not only getting one thing but many things. And that echoes what the song is about – a man who fits all the criteria of what they’re looking for. I want people to get that sense of soft R&B Soul, but with a little bit of trap and melodies. I’m rapping and singing. I’m giving you a chill, summer vibe. And people are already loving that vibe.”

Luv Docta said he prides himself on being a versatile musician and for having a keen business sense when it comes to the industry. More than anything, he’s glad for the opportunity to use his past experiences to help others through difficult times. He points to his own seven year relationship that ended in heartbreak and how the lessons from that broken relationship have not only helped him make more positive choices in his own life, but have also lent themselves to good advice for others dealing with difficult relationships issues.

“The way I fought through the heartbreak and the deep depression that came afterward was to fight through those dark places and mentally pick myself up every day,” Luv Docta said. “I started working out and started praying and developing a routine that made my everyday life lighter and better. I took some time to find myself again, and the music helped me become at peace with myself. I started posting these transformational videos and started getting some buzz on social media. I’ve had a lot of eyes on me ever since and I’ve been blessed to encourage and inspire others. That’s why I’m excited for this new tape to drop because I really believe it will help a lot of people.”

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Luv Docta – Hood Romantic

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